Non-invasive 40w fractional co2 laser Scar Removal Vaginal treatment RF tube Skin Tightening

$8,000.00 $7,500.00


This machine has 3 systems:

5 treatment heads:

Name vaginal tightening
Display 8 inches touch screen
Voltage 110-240V, 50/60Hz
Light power 40W
Wavelength 10600nm
3 Systems Surgical Cutting, Fractional, Vaginal treatment
Treatment heads 5pcs (Fracttional, Normal co2 laser, 3pcs Vaginal heads)
Cutting head(50mm/100mm) 2+4
Vagina Tightening Laser protective jacket Titanium alloy protective jacket*2
Output Single point, Continuous, super pulse, dot matrix
Output figure Square,Triangle, Hexagon, Circle, Oval, Rectangle
Figure square 0.1*0.1mm-20*20mm (Adjustable)
Dot distance 0.1-2.6mm (Adjustable)
Pulses energy 0.1-180mj (Adjustable)
Focal spot diameter 100-2000um
Focal spot quantity 1(1*1)-40000(200*200) (Adjustable)
The way of luminous 360 angle pyramidal reflex and 45 angle Slant reflex
CPG Scanning Yes
CPG scan motor USA import
Scanning mode in order, disorder, midsplit
Cooling system Air + Water Cooling
Net Weight 45kgs
Gross Weight 60kgs

Fractional CO2 Laser System is a brand new laser rejuvenation technology. It fires a laser beam which is then split into numbers of microscopic beams, producing tiny dot to peel skin and penetrate the laser beam into the corium. The adjustable Fractional CO2 Laser System fires a laser beam which is split into numbers of microscopic beams, producing tiny dot or fractional damaged area. This allows the skin to heal much faster than if the whole area was treated. During the skin self-resurfacing, a great amount of collagen is produced for skin rejuvenation, eventually the skin will look much healthier and younger.

Vaginal treatment

Vaginal Tightening – Fast tightening, lasting constriction, tightness to improve 60%;

Vaginal Cleaning – Deep anti-aging, young level to improve 80%;

Moist Vaginal – Improving secretion, moisture level to improve 80%;

Pink vaginal – Vulva rejuvenation, lighten pigment and pinks labia parts, delicate degree to improve 70%.

Before treatment:                                                                     After treatment:
1. Please kindly check your body, if pregnant.                   1. Can not have sex within one week.
2. Avoid the menstrual period and lactation period         2. Clean vagina often.                                                                                                                                                                               3. Eat more fruit and some high-fiber foods.


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