Ultrasonic skin tightening and skin whitening UL water oxygen injection activating skin beauty machine


G688A is a ultrasonic oxygen skin care machine. Based upon the most advanced PSA technology, the machine can  remove wrinkle,rejuvenate the skin, activate cells, keep your skin healthy and shining.

1. Perfect device for skin rejuvenation, cleansing treatment with good result.
2. Friendly design, easy to operate.
3. Safe and effective for all skin types.
4. A vast range of applications in one machine.
5. Air compressor inside, reserved oxygen bottle connection port makes two options available.
6. Skin scan system involved, pictures can be taken and displayed.
7. Emitting medical oxygen (connected with oxygen bottle when operating).
8. Skin Scanner and LCD Screen involved make easy contrast.
9. Emitting compressed air (using air compressor inside).

1. Skin rejuvenation: facial blemish removal, shrinking hair pores, improving the flexibility and tone of skin.
2.Wrinkle removal,fine lines and spider veins treatment.
3. Repair the damaged skin
4.Scar removal:oxygen jet treatment can remove scar caused by laser treatment,burning,surgical operation etc.
5. Collagen regeneration treatment by the machine can improve skin elasticity
6. Acne removal:remove acne,comedones,blackheads and acne scar.
7. The treatment can accelerate blood circulation,restrain the inflammation and improve health.

Handpieces and functions:
1. Two oxygen injection handpieces: they can inject oxygen to the deep layer of skin by the pressure of 0.04MPa. They can remove wrinkles, pigment and cure other
skin problems caused by lack of oxygen.
2.One oxygen spurting handpiece: it gives pure oxygen and active nutrients to the skin with the form of fog by special nozzle, which can whiten and tender skin etc.
3.Toxin expelling handpiece: the powerful suction will improve the circulation of  lymph and help expel the toxin of body.
4.Supersonic handpieces: one is used for face, to tighten facial skin, remove wrinkles and acne;another is used for eyes, to eliminate pouch and wrinkles around the
5.Oxygen inhaling mask: you will feel relax and comfort with using mixture 100% oil essence.This can help you recover physical strenth and balance mood.


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