RBS Vascular Therapy & Spider Vein Removal Machine for permanent blood vessels removal and red blood silk removal

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Treatment principle:
The micro-dots high-frequency lightning produces a 30.56 MHz ultra high frequency electromagnetic oscillation,
with the unique soft silk ( than hair thinner ),at 1/1000 second time break the hemoglobin, will release the energy
transfer to the surface of the skin following removal of lesions, capillaries, and intravascular hemoglobin break
make it into small molecules are absorbed by the skin tissue itself, so as to make it reach the disposable permanent
eradication of red blood results,each treatment of red blood streak time should not exceed 15 minutes, precise
digital control system, perfect and concise treatment procedures, simple operation is beneficial to quickly grasp.

Application of the treatment:
-Vascular removal for face, arms, legs and the whole body
-Pigment lesions treatment: speckle, age spots, sunburn, pigmentation
-Benign proliferation: skin excrescence: Milia, hybrid nevus, intradermal nevus, flat wart, fat granule.
-Vascular clearance ,Facial vein removal
-Vascular lesions
-Acne treatment
-Red blood Spider clearance

Technical parameters:
Adjustable output power: 0-100 plus or minus 5%
Output voltage: AC50v – 120 – v + / – 10%
Output frequency: 30 MHz
The input power: 100w
Hand length: 1.5 m
Treatment of needle wire: 0.14 mm (diameter)
Liquid crystal size: 8 “color touch screen man-machine dialogue
The input voltage: 220 v / 50 hz, 110 v / 60 hz plus or minus 10%
Continuous and pulse output mode: two modes
Mode of operation: touch screen mode
Language selection: Chinese,English two kinds of interface optional

Before and after:

Photos of different directions:

Parts pictures:

What is red blood silk?
Red blood silk skin belongs to sensitive skin. In the early stages of the sensitive skin, face red, itchy and swollen
clearly visible on the outside of the skin red lines. The total weight of the body skin accounted for about 5% of the
human body have to – 5%, pollution is more serious, bare skin area is larger, the longer the time, the greater the
damage. Human skin is a barrier, regulating, the stability and metabolic four big functions, the skin is the most key
biological molecules in collagen and elastin, the skin is healthy, full of elasticity and vitality of drill.
Second skin blood vessels are adjustment, nutrition, the contraction of blood vessels and blood oxygen saturation
can affect the color and luster of the skin, blood vessels constrict skin was pale, vasodilation skin will turn red,
blood stream is slow, the skin becomes purple. The epidermis thickness of about 0.1 MM, mainly formed by keratin
cells and dendritic cells two kinds of cells, cutin accounted for over 80% of the epidermal cells. Formed in the
process of differentiation middle ShengJiao protein, keratin cell proliferation has the certain regularity, about 10%
of the cells fission daily activities, in order to gradually move up, by a transition to the top of a granular layer of base
layer about 14 days, and then moved to the surface of the cuticle and loss need to 14 days, about 28 days, if the
poor quality of skin care products can cause originally injured skin damaged again, the skin to the sun, radiate,
capillary oxygen, water shortage and active enzyme, capillary wall cells lose energy, cause blood clots, capillary
jam expanding to break, in facial point, mesh, dendritic, red or purple, also known as red blood silk.

The cause of red blood silk?
The formation of red blood silk many reasons, according to the reasons can be divided into primary and secondary
two.Primary mostly congenital genetic, namely parents or someone in the family has an extreme;Taken the regional
factors: such as plateau climate, and high altitude, the skin of oxygen, causes the quantity of red blood cells, causing
blood capillary expansion.Taken the physical factors: cold stimulation, the dry air and sand weather, sun exposure,
the capillary resistance than the normal range, fracture cause blood capillary expansion.Taken the personal habits
factors: such as like to eat spicy,and is closely related to the onset of capillaries expansion also.Taken the ultraviolet
(uv) radiation: the strong ultraviolet radiation damage corneous layer, caused the capillaries expansion performance
is poor, cause red blood silk;
U done cuticle grinding, caused by the damages thus caused to the cuticle red blood silk;
U use some cosmetics containing heavy metal toxins residue skin, cause allergic reactions, destroy the corneous
layer, cause red blood silk;
Taken the local long-term use of cortical hormone drugs, cause the blood capillary expansion, cause skin thinning,
atrophy, etc;
Taken the wind for a long time, damage to the stratum corneum, cause the red blood silk.
Taken the cold and hot temperature difference is too big, cause excessive expansion of capillary;
Taken the improper use of cosmetics, corneous layer damaged thinning;
Taken the capillary circulation due to hypoxia, vascular necrosis;
Taken the genetic factor, skin thin;

Treatment scope and technical support:
1)the range of all kinds of red blood silk treatment: spider mesh red blood silk, linear red blood silk, flat (raised) herry  vascular tumors, etc. Whether you how the depth of the red blood silk location, status, our instrument can remove CARES for you. Healing effect on the spot, not red, not is scabby, lifetime don’t rebound, comfortable and fast treatment process, will not affect the guest’s normal life and work; The whole treatment process on the surface of the skin, the operation is simple, ahead of other similar instruments.

2)technical support to treat red blood silk methods vary from person to person, in the past, there is no effective
treatment, it has been used will block, block, electric bright light, laser, photon, E, etc. But these methods are not idealeffect. LBS net wire therapeutic apparatus. Conduct the energy released to the surface of the skin below, demolition of pathological changes of blood capillary, and hemoglobin in the blood vessels break to make it into small molecules absorbed by the organization,because the skin has the function of the repair and regeneration, by breaking the hemoglobin and blood capillary after being absorbed by skin tissue, the occupied space is covered by growth of new skin tissue, so the technology of red blood silk treated the whole life will never be rebound. WIth the function of oxygen-carrying hemoglobin make our looks red blood capillary, hemoglobin is breaking,the oxygen is released, is break capillaries red moment, make Our customers can see red blood silk was at the scene immediately dispel effects.
Every time shoulds not be more than 15 minutes for the treatment of red blood silk. Because the red blood silk has twostructures of the trunk and branch operation, beautician must begin with small lesions branch of capillary, blood capillarypathological changes of the trunk,and then do to effect a radical cure of red blood silk thoroughly. With the treatment of this unique disposable soft silk  (thinner than a hair), the most thoroughly to eliminate the possibility of cross infection,to ensure that every customer enjoy the most spoiled treatment, treatment of end daub company equipped with RBSbdedicated repair as required.


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