Portable electric wave RF anti-aging skin beauty system

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This Radiofrequency (RF) utilizes 0.3MHz/s electric wave, which can permeate the epidermis to take effect on the underlying tissue. High frequency shake will make resistance of the underlying tissue move and produce high energy, which makes the temperature of the underlying tissue rise instantly. Since high heat causes immediate contraction of fiber and collagen tissues followed by new collagen production and recombination, hence get the desirable effects of
1.RF lifting
2.RF skin tightening
3.RF skin rejuvenation
4.RF facial treatment

1. It is the latest design for nice looking.
2. RF395E anti-aging system is a mini machine,only 7KG, easy to carry and transport
3. Faces and eyes treatment is available.
4. OEM/ODM service
5. Suitable for all kinds of skin.
6. Comfortable, painless, woundless during the treatement.
7. Non-exhaustion, low-cost investment and quick,high returns

korean RF operating head
monopole desigh
foot controller
power < 200w
Packing Size: 35*38*44cm
RF395E makes use of E-light and RF technology,providing with ideal temperature scatter for deep
dermis layer,helpful for the exact treatment for targeted tissue, effective for deep dermis and connective
tissues. It will stimulate collagen and make it rebirth without affecting the formal skin. It will safely
remove wrinkle and improve skin texture.

Operation theory:
RF395E adopts the highly technical elite of radio frequency from Italy and Korean. Electron digital control
system can effectively control the power and speed of radio frequency, which makes different comfortable
treatments suit to different skin and parts. Originally imported electrode probe head are applicable to the
face, eyes, cervix and body parts, and they are used to tighten skin, dispel wrinkle and shape body.

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