Portable cryo weight loss multipolar rf cavitation slimming fat dissolving machine ETG19B

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Parts Introduction:


Technical parameters:

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Working Principle

ETG19B RF fat loss instrument uses the latest technology principles: The use of fatty triglycerides characteristics at a specific low temperature back into the of solids, cryogenic waves transmitted. Through the non-invasive transmitter to develop fat-soluble parts. After the fat cells are chilled, they begin to naturally degrade and clear the fat layer. Through the normal metabolism, so that the fat layer is gradually reduced, to achieve the purpose of local fat.

Micro-current can stimulate the activity of the human nervous system, the central nervous system plays a good stimulus to help normal nerve reflex. Regulate the body’s metabolism, so that abnormal high-level neural activity to restore balance.

General Introduction

The technology used for cthe system has been approved by the FDA.


The triglyceride in fat within specific low temperatures could turn solid. The non-invasive transmitters can transmit accurate control of low temperature wave to the specified areas, de-fatting against and eliminate fat cells in cooling. After natural decomposition cleanup processes, fat layer gradually get thinner. Thus through normal metabolization process fat layer gradually decrease so as to achieve the purpose of partial de-fatting.

2)Micro electric current

The micro electric current can stimulate the activity of the nervous system of the body of the central nervous system. It forms a good stimulation to help the normal reflection of nerve. Therefore it can regulate body metabolism, make abnormal nerve restore balance of higher nervous activity.


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