Physical therapy shock wave machine SW9 for body pain relief

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Working THEORY

Shockwave SW9 system uses the ballistic principle of shockwave generation: A pressure wave is formed via a
projectile by using accelerated compressed air. The compressed air is generated by an electronically-controlled
ballistic-pressure compressor. Using elastic impact, the kinetic energy of the projectile is transferred into 
the probe
of the applicator and then into the client’s body. Consequently, during the treatment, the end of the applicator must be in direct -contact with the skin and subcutaneous tissue.


Input Voltage AC 100V-230V  50Hz-60Hz
Power 230VA
Frequency  1- 21 HZ
Energy  1-4 .0 bar
Packign size (wooden case) 118*56*62 cm

The details of the shock wave machine SW9



A rapidly-moving projectile transfers its energy to tyeatment head .The radial shockwaves that are generated spread out and absorbed by the area of the body that has to be treated.

Radial shockwave effects fall into three broad categories: 

Destruction of tissue
Healing (increased)
Decrease of pain
Although the settings of the machines vary for each type of effect required, a description of these settings can be seen here, each shock wave will have some of each of these effects around each wave i.e. a shockwave at the highest settings (to create damage) will always have an area around the wave where there will be less energy and hence some of the other effects.
An example of this can be seen in the positive part of the radial shockwave below:
Imagine the red is the area of energy that will create damage. This area goes from the bottom of the shock to the top as a column damaging everything in it’s way. Around this column is an area of less energy, seen in green, which would be of a dosage able to create healing. There would also be an area, shown in blue, of much less energy able to decrease pain. There is also an area where the wave force would decrease above the area of damage (the energy can’t continue forever) which in turn would have healing or pain relieving effects. It needs to be remembered that the effects happen at high to low energy levels i.e. high levels = damage + healing + pain relief. Middle levels = healing + pain relief.


Proven by clinical studies
Wide range of applications
Fast return of investment
Special transport case
Easily transportable – just open the case, plug in and treat


1. Ingrowth of Neovascularization, Reversal of Chronic Inflammation, Stimulation of Collagen
2. Ballistic pneumatic shockwave with multiple tips on applicator
3. Max energy up to 4Bar and frequency up to 21Hz
4. High effectivenes, fastly relieve pain;
5. Non-invasive, no anesthetic, convenient and fast;
6. Each nursing only 20-30 minutes, 5-10 nursing each session;
7. Widely applied to different soft tissue treatments.


1. Shoulder pain, calcific tendonitis;
2. Radial or ulnar humeral epicondylitis;
3. Trochanteric tendinitis;
4. Waist pain or pygalgia;
5. Patellar tendonitis;
6. Tibial stress syndrome;
7. Achillodynia;
8. Plantar fascitis.

FAQ about the shock wave SW9

1.What is shock wave?
A shockwave is a pressure wave – any action that displaces its surrounding medium is a shockwave.

The ripple created when a stone is thrown into a pond is a shockwave. The shockwaves used in equine medicine are generated in a fluid medium inside a transducer head and are then transmitted readily

through skin, fat, and muscle. The high energy waves are focused within the transducer head so that the shockwave can be directed to the precise area of the injury. When shockwaves hit an area of higher

acoustic impedance, such as bone, the waves slow dramatically and a large amount of energy is

released into the surrounding tissue.

2.What signs indicate this therapy is needed?

Shock wave therapy may treat conditions such as degenerated tendons (Achilles tendonitis), heel pain (plantar fasciitis) and tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis).

3.How Long Does Treatment Last?

The therapy session takes about 15 minutes depending on the disorder that is treated. In general, 3-5 sessions are necessary at weekly intervals. The greatest success rate when dealing with problem areas is achieved by following a 12 week treatment program.

4.When should I avoid this therapy?

Complications are infrequent with shock wave therapy. People who have poor sensation (neuropathy) or hypersensitivity in the target area should not have this procedure. Open sores should also be avoided.

Shock wave therapy is not used in patients with heart conditions or seizures. It should not be used during pregnancy. This should be discussed with your physician before undergoing the procedure.


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