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Lymphatic drainage massaging vacuum therapy body slimming best selling machine GS9.2

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General introduction

1.Ultrasound easy to produce a liquid implosion effect,Namely, wave expansion and compression form a large
number of micro-gap in the liquid, which is full of gas and steam, the strong sound waves have positive effects on
the liquid molecules at compression cycle, while it has vacuum effect at expansion cycle.

2. There is cohesion among liquid and biological tissues, molecular bonding is Weak in low density fat cells, and the low vacuum caused by strong sound waves can generate Organize gaps, in physics known as the “cavitations ” And
the implosion caused by micro gaps inside and outside cells will promote molecular motion, makes a high energy
level, which finally led to break of fat cells. vacuum cavitation, cavitation liposuction, super sound wave, loose weight device, kavitation ultraschall, slimming body , ultraschall cavitation, kavitation

Effect of the product:

1.GS9.2 vacuum&ultrasound slimming machine applies the cavitation theory,uses the 40kHz~1MHz ultrasound to make intense vibration,which causes a inner explosion in the fat tissues.thus get rid of lipocyte.

2. It can effectively break down stubborn and deep fat, decrease lipocyte quantity and its size. The diathermal and
vacuum suction can promote lipocyte and tissues liquid flow,which help drainage of faty acid,waste and toxin
through lymph system.

3.The vacuum function will promote liquid flow of f lipocyte and fat tissues, then speed up excretion of toxins and
waste, achieve effect of fat elimination, slimming, skin tightening and enhancing muscle flexibility.

M80 ultrasound head

1.GS9.2 vacuum and ultrasound slimming machine applies the cavitation theory, used the 40KHz-1MHz ultrasound to make intense vibration, which causes a inner explosion in the fat tissues, thus get rid of lipocyte. It can effectively break down stubborn and deep fat, decrease lipocyte quantity and its size.

2. The diathermal and vacuum suction can promote lipocyte and tissues liquid flow, which help drainage of faty acid, waste and toxin through lymph system. The vacuum function will promote liquid flow of lipocyte and fat tissues, then speed up excretion of toxins and waste, achieve effect of fat elimination, slimming , skin tightening and enhancing muscle flexibility.

M50 ultrasound head

Use 0.8 MHz strong ultrasound, can penetrate deep skin, to dissolve subcutaneous fat. One million times per second high-speed vibration make the cells molecular to attrite intensely inside, thus decrease fat, decompose lipocyte size, aim at cellulite and honeycomb inflammation. To improve skin status, tighten flab muscle, increase skin elasticity. Thermal effect can accelerate cells metabolism, promote blood circulation and lymph flow. Against the shallow fat, less fat parts.

4X ultrasound board

The energy produced by 1 million times per second ultrasonic vibration , will be absorbed by subcutaneous tissue and converted into heat, which can accelerate liquid flow and to break up large molecules, effectively decompose fat, decrease cellulite. For fat accumulated parts.

Applied range:1 promote tissue metabolism

2 repel the cellulite

3 tighten the skin elasticity

4 strengthen the skin elasticity

5 fat dissolving

6 body shaping

competitive advantages

1. the latest design

2.easy to operation and maintain

3.offer OEM/ODM service

4.Comfortable, painless, woundless during the treatemnt.

5.Easy operation, easy study.

6.Non- exhaustion, low cost investment and quick high returns


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