LED Vacuum cavitation body slimming machine


Working theory IPL laser machine

1.Vacuum slimming

The vacuum suction role takes effect on human body to stimulate the cortex, vascular layer, the organization of the nervous system, and endocrine functions of different depths. The vacuum suction and massage promote the blood circulation and lymph circulation, strengthen the liquid flow between fat cells and organizations, thus speeding up the body’s excretion of toxins and waste, improving the viscera, meridian, nutrition and the environment health.

2. LED light therapy

Light therapy is a new technology using natural energy to active and repair cells.

After metabolism of the cells in the human body, toxic, waste will be stranded in the liquid of the cells. LED light can help clear cell electrodes, thus the cell can get enough oxygen, which can activate and stimulate the cell effectively, then the waste been expelled. At the same time , enhance blood flow, and convert the nourish to the body.

1.Magnetic resonance function
3.LED light suck fat function
4.Vacuum suck fat, remove fat

5. IC Card  Control System

1. Red light:penitrability is pretty good, and it can accelerate the circulation of the blood;
2. Blue light: composed, comfortable, relaxed, skin whitening…
3. Green light: Lymph smooth,  Eliminate dropsy

4. Purple light: diminish inflammation

1.Cavitation body slimming
2.Vacuum slimming therapy
3.LED light therapy
4.Magnetic resonance infrared therapy


Technical parameters:

Voltage AC 220v/110v
input power 150w
LED light length 600-990nm
infrared light temperature 30-60°
LED light color red, green, blue and purple
wooden case size 153x69x57cm carton size: 71x46x159cm
G/W 36KG
Warranty time 1 year
Delivery time 7-14 days after receiving the deposit
Magnetic resonance infrared head Body treat
Light liposuction handle for body Body treat
Light liposuction handle for face Face treat
Red light Promote blood circulation
Blue light Quiet nerve, calm, reduce pressure
Green light Dredge lymphoid
Purple light Eliminate inflammatory



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