Korean protable RF skin care & body slimming machine RF395

$1,000.00 $900.00


Working principal
This Radiofrequency (RF) utilizes 0.3MHz/s electric wave, which can permeate the epidermis to take effect on the underlying tissue. Highfrequency shake will make resistance of the underlying tissue move and produce high energy, which makes the temperature of the underlying tissue rise instantly. Since high heat causes immediate contraction of fiber and collagen tissues followed by new collagen production and recombination, hence get the desirable effects of skin-tightening, wrinkle-removal and figure-shaping, etc.
1) Skin tightening
2) Deep and light Wrinkles Eliminating
3) Improving skin-elasticity and skin-shine
4) Pregnancy line restoring
5) Skin- metabolism improving
6) Anti-aging for whole body
1) No side effect,do not affect normal lift and work
2) No pain at all
3) Obvious result, there will be obviouse result after one treatmentTechnical specification:
RF Frequency: 0.3MHz—-0.5MHz
Power: 200W
Output current: 1.5A
Voltage: AC100—240V,50–60Hz
Packing size: 41*34*38cm
Gross weight: 8KGS


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