Hifu liposonic body cellulite removal fat removal skin lifting lipohifu machine FU250

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The Working Theory

Focused Ultrasound can selectively dissolve specific depth fat cell; it doesn’t hurt the nearby blood vessels, nerves and muscle tissue. When the focused ultrasound energy reach the skin, it will produce in the skin layer with the physical effect of thermal destruction, causing the dissolving of fat cells and tissue cells. This damage leads to direct decomposition of fat, hence creat a series of fat metabolism and dissolving.

Liposunix Technical Advantages

-Non-surgical treatment: no injection, no wound, no drugs, no anesthesia in the whole treatment process.


it selectively takes effects on the target fat cells, destroying the fat cells thoroughly,       and then the fats cells are removed by the absorption and decomposition of human body’ s natural endogenous metabolism.

Meanwhile, the surrounding epidermis,blood vessels and nerves remain unharmed.

There is no risk of infection and trauma.A safe body shaping is promised.

-Intelligent design:

Intelligent control, touch operation, visual interfaces, Easy to learn,safe and convenient.

The whole treatment is comfortable, no need to wear a shaper corset,no down-time, without any affects to normal life and work.

-Effective results:
After one treatment, 2cm fat will be reduced;after 3 treatments, 5-8cm fat will be removed.Remarkable slimming results without bounce

-Probe part design the outine of the user defined functions
Using circular ouput system with automatic scanning performance of different parts of the different types of fat,treatment will be first on the parts to therapy before the token,bridging the therapeutic part of continuous smooth lines,probe along the token,repeated rolling back and forth to achieve consistency matrix treatment area.

-Unique noninvasive HIFU technology,ceate bodyshaping and tightness double rection:
To fat slimming:provide a centralized ultrasonic energy,deep subcutaneous 1.3 cm for treatment,damage and removal subcutaneous adipose tissues.

Tight smoothing skin:mechanism of thermal energy stimulates subcutaneous tissue layers of collagen contraction and hyperplasia,then it quickly fills the melting fat thickness gap and make the skin smooth as before

Treatment Range
* Whole body fat recuction, reduction of partial fat protrusion.
* Face, neck limbs,buttock and abdomen.
* Body recovery after postpartum and liposuction surgery.
* Slimming, firming, improving orange peel pattern, and postpartum stretch marks.

 Treatment Effect


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