Cryolipolysis cooling cellulite & RF skin tighten machine ETG30

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Working Theory
Triglyceride in fats will be converted into solid in particular low temperatures.

It uses advanced cooling technology to selectively target fat bulges and eliminate fat cells through a gradual process that does not harm the surrounding tissues, reduce unwanted fat, when fat cells are exposed to precise cooling, they trigger a process of natural removal that gradually reduces the thickness of the fat layer. And the fat cells in the treated area are gently eliminated through the body’s normal metabolism process, to eliminate unwanted fat

Technical features
1.the latest technology in non-surgery mechanical beauty industry;
2.better than suction fat;
3.the most popular slimming way in European countries;
4.a kind of technology with easy use for ultrasonic and RF suitable for slimming for body parts like back,waist and cellulite;

Five headpieces One 40KHZ fat cavitation head and One 8-polar RF revolving work head
Power 350VA
Cooling device output temperature -5-5°C
Cooling liquid:Pure water or special coolant 4.Cooling liquid:Pure water or special coolant
Fuse T3.15AL250V
Ambient temperature 5-40°C
Relative Humidity 80%
Volume 65*55*150CM
Input 220V/50HZ,110V/60HZ



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