980nm diode laser lipolysis system for fat melting treatment and body slimming

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What Is Laser Lipolysis And How Does It Work?

professional lipolaser for fast slimming medical machine has become increasingly popular over the last decade. 980nm diode laser lipolysis is used in continuous emission mode. Power settings are chosen as a function of the treated area: 6W (chin, arms, knees), 10W (abdomen, back), and 15W (thighs, hips, buttocks). Transcutaneous illumination by the aiming beam ensures precise visualization of the region where the energy is delivered. The laser light is conveyed into the fat layer using a 1-mm microcannula (OSYRIS) which incorporates a 400-μm optical fiber. The effect of 980nm diode laser lipolysis is better than lipo laser and cavitation slimming machine.


Parameter Value
Laser max output power 20W
Central Wavelength 980+/-10nm
Operation Mode Both CW and Pulsed
Pulse Width 1~260ms
Frequency 0~200Hz
Operation Temperature 0~30 Deg.C, 0Hz means CW Mode
Input Voltage 0~220VAC, 50-60Hz   (110VAC Optional)
Laser Dimension 32*29*16cm 6.9kg
Package Dimension 40*35*25cm 8.3kg

1) Connect the VAC wire, then turn on the switch.
2) Then you will see the display. This is the initializing status of the system. The LCD shows as follows:
3) Adjust the Peak Power, the Pulse Width and Frequency according to the treatment, status: READY. Then press Start Button,status: STANDBY it will work.
4) Press the pedal, then the handpiece will emit.

Application (before and after)


Item Specifications Quantity
Bridge Fiber inside 105-125um Core, 2Ms, with two SMA-905 connectors 1 PC
Surgery Fiber outside 400um Core, 3.5M, with single SMA-905 connector 2 PCS
Pedal Switch 3 Pins Pedal Switch 1 PC

Serious Notice:
1. Always keep the laser and fiber in a clean environment to avoid dust.
2. Clean all the dust on the fiber ends and output coupler before you use the laser.
3. Remove the output coupler’s cap when you are going to install the fiber.
4. Remove the caps on the fiber ends when you are going to use it.
5. Clean the both fiber ends with alcohol + cotton ball before you use it.
6. Do not keep the fiber ends or output couplers in the air for too long time.
7. Do not plug-in & plug-out the fiber frequently.
8. No need to remove the fiber every time you finish the treatments. Just keep the fiber connected and this can avoid dust into the output coupler.
9. If you don’t use the laser for a long time, you can remove the fiber and put the caps on.


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