3 in 1 skin spa microcurrent bio lifting aqua peeling microcurrent iontophoresis machine


The working principle:

By forming vacuum suction, micro air bubbles are mixed with nutritive medium, through a specially designed spiral tip directly works at skin,that can keep the micro bubbles touch skin for a long time, peel and rub off the dead cells at the supper facial skin layers.

With the vacuum suction, micro bubbles can remove any dirt and dead skin particles scars, blemishes, supply lasting nutrition to the skin, make skin more moisture and smooth.


Model SPA18
Function Aqua peeling, lontophoresis, multi-polar BIO
Input AC100-240V  50/60Hz
Vacuum range Max 680 mmHg
Loutophoresis 500Hz
Radio frequency 1 Mhz multi polar
Noise level 45db
Size 47.5 X 40 X 95 cm

Machine details:


Facial Rejuvenation 3 in 1 System

Eddy current clean handle

-Deep Cleaning,Exfoliating

-Deeply Infusing,Hydrating and Renew of the skin

Mutipole electroporation handle

-Collagen remodeling & Improve skin elasticity

-Safe and painless with immediate effect

Lontophoresis handle

-Stimulates skin tissues and hair roots

-Gives skin elasticity & anti-aging


1. Clean acne scars, blemishes, seborrheic alopecia, folliculitis, skin allergies.
2. Skin whitening, improve skin appearance.
3. Deep cleaning, meanwhile, supply to the skin with sufficient water, oxygen, and nutritive medium.
4. Removing blackheads, shrink pores, improve sagging skin, improve skin transparency.
5. Used in preoperative and postoperative care of skin reconstruction and non-invasive skin resurfacing surgery.

Live photos:


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