3 in 1 Machine with SHR/RF/Nd Yag Laser Handles

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Technical parameter
Energy density IPL: 10-50J/cm² (IPL)      RF: 10-50J/cm²
E-Light spot size 15*50mm² or 12*35mm²
E-Light discharge Interval 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s (Variable)
E-Light probe tempreture -3°C ~ 2°C
E-Light Wavelength Standard: 640nm / 530nm / 480nm
Option: 430nm,480nm,530nm,560nm,590nm,640nm,690nm,750nm
IPL energy 1-50J/cm³
IPL pulse 8ms
IPL frequency 1-5p/s
RF (Radio Frequency):
RF handle size Diameter of handpiece: 43mm / 30mm / 15mm
RF frequency 3p/s
RF energy 1-20J/cm³
RF delay 50-2500ms
RF probe tempreture -2°C ~ 0°C
Q Switch Nd Yag Laser:
Laser frequency 1-10Hz
Laser energy 10-2000mj
Laser wavelength 1064nm / 532nm / 1320nm (BDLS)
Water alarm Yes
Tempreture alarm Yes
Machine screen 8.4 inches LCD digital touch screen
Cooling system Semiconductor + intelligent cooling + water + wind + gel
Voltage 110V-130V / 60Hz,       220V-240V / 50Hz
Machine size 630*580*1310mm

Functions of elight ipl shr handle
E-light(IPL+RF) for Permanent hair removal,Pigmentation treatment,Skin rejuvenation,Tighten skin,Fine wrinkles removal,Whiten skin,Contours shaping,Facial red blood line removal,Acne Treatment: Acne removal,shrink enlarged pores,Vascular lesion therapy.

Nd Yag Laser emitted by the system has a strong penetration ability which allows it to reach the deep layer of dermis. The pigment particles absorb the light energy and explode sharply, burst into the tiny pieces, thus diminish the color density and get rid of it. So the appliance can effectively do away with mutant pigmentations and vascular tissue based on undamaged ambient tissue. This is called ‘Selective heat absorption’ principle in medical field.
Functions of Nd: YAG laser handle
All colors of tattoo removal,Spots removal:freckle, coffee spots, age spots, nevus,etc,Embroidery lip-line, eye-line, eyebrow pigments removal,Pigments removal.

RF directly work in the dermis, activate the cutis cells and water molecule mutual high-speed concussion will produce energy, when it reach 60 degree, dermal collagen will immediately convergence and activated.

Functions of RF handle 
Wrinkles removal,Tighten skin, lift skin,Rebuild face outlines and body contours,Shrink larged pores ect.


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