3 in 1 cavitation laser slimming cryotherapy fat freezing machine

$2,700.00 $2,280.00


Function of Handles:

1. Cryo+vacuum 2 in 1

Strong fat absorb at the same time. to produce – 15 to the low temperature of 15 degrees. let the accumulation of fat formation probe state to the size of the lump, quick frozen fat.

2. 10Mhz Multipolar RF(5Mhz optional)

Superized hexapole radiofrequency probe with three the positive three nagative,  radiofrequency waves can produce 3 at the same time, deep subcutaneous tissue heating, fast dissolve fat.

3. 40Khz Cativation

Super strong sound wave probe , the vibration frequency of 40000 times per second(40K), can be let on the probe of the high frequency vibration of the water disappear in a few seconds. That is with this principle, fast dissolve fat.

4. Lipo laser

Using the wavelength of 650nm near infrared laser, every pece of eight laser,can produce the energy of the 15 joules per second, let the fat fast heating, fast sisolve fat.


1. Refreshing and comfortable, no pain!

2. Does not need the knife, no wound!

3. Withoue anesthesia, no pinhole!

4. Safety, no recovery!

5. Cut an average of 20% of fat!

Technical parameter
 Host display  8 inch real color touch
 Power  Less than 500W
 Cooling liquid  Pure water
 Vacuum  650mm Hg
 Vacuum pressure  0-106Kpa
 Freezing temperature  From 15 to negative 15 degree
 RF frequency  5Mhz
 Cavitation Frequency  40Khz
 Lipo Laser  635nm
 Packing size  72*49*53cm
 N.W.  41KGS


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